Running a business is not always easy and being a business owner isn’t always fun. Every entrepreneur wants to feel like they are a success. Sometimes though? Business is just tough. It’s lonely at the top. You need help, but your friends don’t know how to coach you through your problems. Your spouse has their own thing. And you get a hundred phone calls a week from people you don’t know saying they know “exactly what you need.”

What you need is a partner.

At Volcon we aren’t just business consultants – we are partners in your business. We walk with you every step of the journey to make sure you and your family get exactly what they need, when they need it, from a trusted advisor.

If you’re curious what we can do for you contact us for a discovery call and see if you’re eligible for 3 hours of free consulting.

Whether your business is growing, staying the same, or in distress, we want to help your business be better than it’s ever been.

Do I need a business consultant?
3 hours of free consulting

You may have gotten calls from other business consultants that want a large monthly retainer or fee-based consulting. Volcon operates differently. Volcon Strategy Partners is a performance-based business consulting boutique.

We are partners with the business owner. We want to work with a business long-term. To prove that, we charge minimal fees that fit in the budget of the business and then charge a commission on net growth of the company.

Why? Because it’s fair. A consultant should be worth their advice. This lets you, the business owner, know that we have skin in the game and we only provide solutions that are best for you!

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Volcon Business Consulting Strategy Partners

Do I need a business consultant?

A business owner starts or buys a business for basically two reasons: they are excited by an idea of something or they are very talented technicians at something. Being excited or talented can only get you so far.

It’s the business part of being in business that’s really hard and sometimes you need a helping hand, and that’s okay. Too often we are caught up working IN the business and not ON the business. Whether your business is going well or not going at all, give us a call! At the end of the discovery call we can tell you if we recommend working with us or not.

And we’re serious about that promise. We are in the business of making a business run smoother and better. If we can’t help, we will tell you. And if you need help we can’t provide, we will recommend the right company for that problem.

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