Business consultant is someone who helps you work ON your business instead of IN your business. Their job is to identify your problems and provide solutions. A Strategy Partner is all about creating a plan and a fit that works for YOU and in your BUDGET with SPECIFIC details. They are a counselor, not an employee.

Short answer? Probably. Long answer? Yes. If you are frustrated with anything in your business, or not satisfied, you probably could use some help. The biggest problem for any entrepreneur is loneliness because you’re on the top. There are very few people for you to lean on. We are there every step of the way, boots on the ground, to make sure you make the right decisions with your company.

Definitely. But you must find the RIGHT consultant for your specific issue. And perhaps even identify the issue for you. Different issues require different types of consulting.

We are Strategy and Management consulting. We help you work ON your business – the processes, hiring strategies, overall profitability of your company. We aren’t marketing consultants, but we DO assist in marketing strategy.

In short, we help you identify problems and solutions, but don’t do the work. We will find the right partners for the work, if you aren’t suited to it.

Yes. If you have a company, and not an idea.

Probably not, but you can afford us. We operate differently than the other guys – we are performance based. You pay as you go and as you see results. We work hard to make sure that the pay is affordable and fair. [See how our model works here!]

Talk to us. Let us know what issues you have, or just vent. We also offer 3 hours of free consulting so you can see our methods! Get in touch by filling out a contact form here.

Sure! The first 3 hours of consulting are based around 3 major things: Entrepreneur mental health, business finance health, and real solutions. After that, we meet with the owner to get a real grasp of the business and its issues that we discover during the first three hours. If the business has employees, we tend to meet with every employee as well, to get a better grasp of the whole business. This is all data analysis. Once we have the whole picture, we are responsible for coming back to the owner and giving information back in digestible and actionable itinerary! We work with the business owner as the business evolves and make sure that everything operates at peak performance.

We tend to do best with:

      1. Solo-preneurs. People who have excelled at their craft and decided to go on their own are great people, but tend to need guidance on scaling their business.
      2. Business purchase. If you purchased a business recently and saw profits plummet, we specialize in figuring out what happened and get sales stabilized.
      3. Main street business. Other firms focus specifically on tech and medical companies – but we firmly believe that the economy is in the hands of small businesses everywhere that belong on main street.
      4. Inventors. Have you invented a new product and have NO IDEA how to market it? We would love to work with you.
      5. Creatives. Are you in an industry where you create beautiful things for others? Well, we don’t believe in starving artists – we believe that if you have a great product, it should be shared with the world! Let us help you if you are a photographer, website developer, social media manager, artist, etc.

We are Dallas/Fort Worth based consultants at the moment, but we can operate online. We’ve consulted business owners from coast-to-coast.

Call now and see if we can help you!